Win's Electrical Supply Co.
The #1 stop for all of your electrical needs.

Win's Electrical Supply Co. was founded in 1970 when Win Hutcheson opened his first electrical supply store on South Saginaw Street in Burton MI. The company was small and his goal was simple: provide fantastic service and unbeatable prices to the public. Win's strategy worked well and more than 40 years later his company has grown into a chain of 6 stores. Though the company has expanded, the goal is the same. We believe in personal attention to quality and customer satisfaction. Our stores are located throughout Flint, Burton, Otisville and Owosso Michigan. Our latest addition to the company is an online store that can provide Win's fantastic service and bargain prices to anyone in the continental U.S.

Each of our stores provide the same personal quality and service that made Win's first location a success. Our Team is friendly and everyone has hands on experience with all levels of store operation so when you order a part, you can rest assured that the Sales representative you talked to will be the one handling and tracking the order and personally calling you when it comes in. This philosophy is rare these days and we pride ourselves on keeping this tradition alive.